Our products

5 year warranty on all of our models


All of our awnings are studied, conceived and fitted to the brand and type of your road caravan or mobilehome.

You are free to choose in a very vast range of options and products: you are the conceiver of your own awning as you wish it.

From a standard basic model, you can choose the disposition and options of your awning according to your desires :

  • place of the door (or doors) and the windows
  • depth of the awning
  • the colors
  • the type of the frame : round or square (see our technical specification part)
  • windows that you can open or not (openable zip windows)
  • windows with windowshutters or not
  • roof insulation and heaven
  • sliding door
  • …..

The option of the “plus” model allows you to have an awning with a great amount of options such as window-shutters, openable zip windows, side aluminium gutters, sleeves in the roof, lateral reinforcement frame in sleeves, ….

All of these directly included in the awning in a promotional price.An experienced specialist will take all the measurements of your caravan and the responsibility for the perfect realisation of your awning.

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